About Us


The Ethiopian-Canadian Nurses Association (ECNA) is a not-for-profit organization that promotes and upholds the positive image and welfare of Ethiopian-Canadian Nurses by providing platforms for professional development and excellence, networking, and enhancing nursing services to the community at large.ECNA will also engage with other community and government agencies to improve the health and wellbeing of the Ethiopian community.


ECNA’s vision is to be a health resource for the Ethiopian-Canadian Community in Ontario, Canada and abroad.


  1. Promote activities that will bring Ethiopian-Canadian Nurses together
  2. Provide a network with professional organizations and agencies  to develop and implement educational programs relevant to nursing practice, education and research
  3. Influence legislation and policies which directly and indirectly affect nursing and/or the health and wellbeing of the community
  4. Collaborate with organizations and agencies both in Canada and abroad to facilitate cultural and professional  adjustment of Ethiopian nurses in Canada
  5. Actively participate and implement in research programs and initiatives on the health needs of the Ethiopian community in Canada and contribute towards addressing identified gaps
  6. Facilitate and conduct health promotion and health education activities in Ethiopian-Canadian and other racialized communities.
  7. Advocate for the rights of individuals and their families to culturally appropriate healthcare and other social services such as housing
  8. Establish, maintain and foster partnerships and collaborate with organizations that advance objectives similar to those of the association, in particular organization in Canada, the United States and Ethiopia that are focused on nursing and healthcare related activities


Chair: Yohannes Cheru

Secretary: Tenagne Gebretsadik

New Board Members: Dink Aklil, Genet Adane Weyessa, Tigist Aweke, Almaz Mamo, Betelhem ‘Betti’ Assefa, Liben Gebremikael