ECNA appreciates the significant contribution of our partner:

TAIBU Community Health Centre

As part of its mandate to build community capacity related to the health and wellbeing of African Canadians, TAIBU Community Health Centre has been engaging with several community organizations, agencies and associations to provide organizational capacity building support.
In furthering the objectives of the Ethiopian-Canadian Nurses Association (ECNA) to strengthen its governance and organizational capacity, TAIBU is entering into a partnership of collaboration and capacitybuilding support.

The Objectives of this partnership is to:

1. To assist Ethiopian-Canadian Nurses Association achieve its objectives of supporting its members
engage in various professional development, health promotion and health education programs and initiatives
2.  Provide administrative and financial mentorship to ECNA
3.  To act as trustee and hold funds on behalf of ECNA until such time that ECNA obtains its charitablestatus
4.  To provide space for ECNA to implement health related programs and for other meetings as required
5.  To collaborate on various health awareness, screening and prevention initiatives relevant to the Ethiopian-Canadian communities